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Nobel award winner Wando investment praised Dongguan's manufacturing environment

Date: 2015-04-23

April 20th,NobelphysicslaureateGeorge Smootto visit Dongguan,participatein their name(SmootChina)Technology Co. Ltd.theopening ceremony.

"Dongguan's manufacturingcapacityis high,the manufacturingcapability ofthe middle and lower reaches of theindustry chainis also very strong,very complete."George Smoot said,this isthe second time he came to Dongguan,the last timewas in September last year,after avisit to Dongguan,hedecided toinvestment environment,investment projectsinDongguan.

In addition tomanufacturingpraised Dongguan,George Smootalso pointed out thatat present,Dongguan'shigh-end talentless,but he isfrom all over the countryand evenaround the worldto attractbettertalent,letmore peoplegathered in Dongguan.

It is understood,George Smoot isProfessor of physics at theUniversityof CaliforniaAmericaBerkeley,astrophysicists,cosmologists.George Smoot andJohn Mather was"discovered the cosmic microwave background radiationof the blackbody form and anisotropy ofNobel"shared the 2006prize in physics.