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How to use the mobile APP attract Chinese travelers

Date: 2014-12-28

China has been a popular hotel market, and more recently attracted more and more hotel brands to enter the Chinese mainland investment.
Consultancy, L2 newly released a report studied the hotel APP usage in mainland China.By 2030, China's domestic travel market will surpass the United States, so the global hotel brands are targeting the big cake.
The report says:
Hilton hotels and hyatt hotels and other luxury hotels in specific marketing plan to attract Chinese travellers.The growth of domestic tourism also promotes the investment and integration of the boom of the hotel industry.Occupation of China luxury market international hotel chains began to invest in a new location.
By the end of 2015 starwood hotels in China the number of luxury hotels will be doubled.Domestic hotel chain growth also remarkable, at the same time of solid economy hotel market position, also began to compete in the field of mid-range hotel and international hotel brands.
Who want to expand in the Chinese market share hotel brands, L2 Suggestions through online channels and mobile channels to build brand and pull the bookings.Due to the penetration of broadband Internet is more and more familiar, offline travel agent is a growing share of erosion, online booking and online booking is to convey brand new travellers and the opportunity to gain their loyalty.
The report cites ResearchConsultingGroup a new discovery, the online travel market will grow 73% by 2018.In the face of a large number of tourists, for the first time in the online booking travel brands must develop a strategy for the Chinese market, constantly develop new tourist loyalty.
Mobile channels, according to the L2 study shows that 60% of the hotel brand with some type of mobile business.Most hotels will choose the mobile web site, 33 hotel brands in China to provide English APP in the APP store.Overall, the Chinese mobile travel APP can reach to 90 million per month, shows that a large number of audience is ready and willing to use the APP.

Analysis indicates that, however, the quality of these hotel APP than OTA.This is the hotel than OTA for more share a big opportunity, and can in the growing Chinese market for more direct booking.